For touring the United Kingdom, Santa has been trading his sledge for a Coca-Cola truck since 1995. The collaboration between Santa Claus and Coca-Cola started a long time ago. Santa first appeared in a coke ad in 1920. Since then the partnership is continuing to date. This unusual marketing strategy has become a lesson to internet marketing agencies all over the world. Though this year the company has decided to scale back the UK tour, Coca-Cola is still considered to be the favorite holiday drink of all.internet marketing agencies

How the Journey Started

The now renowned features of Santa have seen changes through the ages. Over the years, the backstory of Santa is built by the writers like Clement Moore and Washington Irving. The red coat and white beard of Santa had been made famous by the artist Thomas Nast. The Santa that we know today has emerged as a compilation of the stories and the paintings. When Coca-Cola first incorporated Santa to their ad campaigns, he already has a fond place in the heart of all. Using a killer marketing strategy, from which every internet marketing agencies can learn something, Coca-Cola banked on the fond emotions of people.

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How Coca-Cola Became Equivalent to Holidays

The groundbreaking potential of the Santa story helped to incorporate the drink with the holidays. The incomplete narrative of the Santa story compelled us to make it complete. Thus, we found his working factory in the North Pole, Mrs. Claus and the reindeers. Marketing strategists of Coca-Cola used this method effectively. Every time we saw a Santa ad we fit the ad to our Santa story. Thus, little by little Coca-Cola got associated with Santa. This is a successful marketing story from which SEO Calgary agencies of today can absorb a lot.

The Choice of the Story

The success of the Santa ad is not reliant joy that Santa irrevocably represent. The marketing genius reflects on the choice of the Santa story as a marketing base. The internet marketing agencies should note that the story which is clear, engaging and informative is loved by the audience. The Santa story is the epitome of all that. It provides a clear narration, hope for the future and the reward itself. As children, we understood what well behavior can bring to us. As adults, we may not think it as a quid-pro-quo but the underlying message still rings bells in our heart.

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The Role Reversals

You can ask why this ad is so successful even after almost a century.

It cannot be answered in a single sentence. As kids, you all have taken part in the Santa story emotionally. The story has been enacted in your mind thousands of times. Coca-Cola, as the inseparable agent of the holidays, has also enacted in our mind. As adults, you have become the gift givers. But the picture of Coca-Cola that has been painted in your mind is still there. Thus, you recognize it as a part of the holidays.

Every year as the holiday comes and as you add a little more to your personal Santa story, Coke continues to present an ad which makes sure that the brand plays a little role in making it up. The basic truth that internet marketing agencies need to learn from this story is that familiarity breeds fondness.