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What is knolling?
Knolling is the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.

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Bryan 11/20/2013 Entertainment

Awesome mugshots from the 1920s
I found these on Reddit last night and had to post them here as well. Compare them to mugshots today to appreciate the thought going behind them.

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Bryan 10/28/2013 Entertainment

Online Sega Genesis Emulator
I’ve kinda have a thing for emulators. I tend to always have some on my laptop for an easy time killer in airport and things of the like. Imagine my delight last night when I found an online emulator with a massive catalogue of Sega Genesis games (hint:I stayed up until 2am).

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Bryan 08/09/2013 Entertainment
Frank & Oak review
Frank & Oak is a Canadian run online clothing store that specializes in items that are priced under $50. While this doesn’t sound very impressive on it’s own, the service really shines once you join their exclusive member service called the Hunt Club.

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Bryan 01/23/2013 2 Comments Entertainment
Office tour
A look inside our office
While our office is very much always ‘in progress’, we had a couple shots taken by Sarah Pukin a couple weeks ago that shows it off in it’s current state. We’re located in the historic Grain Exchange building in Calgary, which celebrated it’s 100th anniversary last year. It has tons of character including vintage flourishes throughout, awesome radiators, and the classic creaky wooden floor.

We love it.