All kinds of facilities possess a sincere responsibility to outperform themselves to ensure the security and safety of their customers, employees, and visitors. However, the responsibility needs to face unique challenges when it comes to long-term care facilities.

Long term care centers are vulnerable to specific threats. The long-term care residents constantly need to worry about their visitors, providing safe and clear access paths and secure perimeter to their visitors. Failure of a proper visitor management systems of the long-term care residents might lead to the occurrence of unwanted consequences.

visitor management systems

Control strategies and an effective visitor management systems helps in minimizing safety and security risks at long-term care residents.

Let us look at some of them.

Prevent trips, falls and slips

Rehab centers and nursing homes must possess a bunch of internal controls to enhance ambulatory safety or safety while walking.

The staff must communicate with the residents on how they must get around safe-and-secure and make them aware of the potential risks of falling. The residents must not have access to any area where the risk of falling is significantly high and the accessible areas must be free from hazards and obstacles.

The following policies may be implemented to serve the needful.

  • Limiting access to slippery or wet floors
  • Prevention of tools left in the corridors or throughways
  • Keeping accessible areas free from obstacles and well-lit
  • Checking the wear and tear or floor damage

visitor management systems

Enhancing the safety of parking Lot

You cannot ignore the safety of the parking lot. Numerous injuries occur at the parking lots every year. The employers are responsible for maintaining the parking garages, parking lots and they must possess a smart visitor management systems for ensuring the safety of their visitors.

The parking lot must be well-lit and the flooring must be even to prevent anyone from slipping, falling or tripping. Make sure that all the cracks and potholes are filled and steps, obstacles, and curbs are marked clearly. Besides, clarify the flow of traffic by using signs to instruct the people which way they must drive. The people entering the premises and leaving the premises must have separate paths and gates.

visitor management systems

Prevent residents from eloping

Due to whatever reasons the residents wish to leave your premises, their safety lies in your hands. While eloping if they meet with an accident, you will be held liable for that.

Access control measures help in keeping the residents safe. Limit access points to extreme extents. Also, visitors must be checked properly before they are allowed to enter the premises.

Try investing in automatic access locking system, access point monitors and alarms which notify you when someone leaves the resident in an unauthorized manner.

Protect the privacy of the residents

The staff must understand and respect the privacy of the residents while taking care of them. The staff must be conscious about the confidentiality of the residents and must ensure that outsiders are not able to access their personal information. Also, the valuables of the residents must be stored in a safe place.